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P.S.B.C Winter Series 2013 Wrap Up

P.S.B.C Winter Series 2013 Wrap Up

A perfect day for round 3 of Winter Series, 2013. The tide was coming up and the swell was perfect for the little patch of reef in Anna Bay. The best conditions we’ve seen all year in fact, which made for a fitting end to the year PSBC competition.
The A’s were some of the keeniest of the day. Showing that their not scared to should their building talents regardless of weather the waves are breaking on sand or rock. With scores posting the highest we’ve seen all year in this division it was no wonder we had some super close heats during the morning’s glassy conditions. Alex Ciba was a stand out most the day, posting combined scores of well over 10 in both his heat and final. A performance that boosted Alex to first on the day leap frogging Lachlan who placed 2nd on the day and an overall 2nd overall for the year. Good to see such a close contest between these guys throughout the series and we look forward to seeing how they go in the AA division next season. Tre Mesk rounded out the overall ratings in A division with a 3rd placing.

AA’s started off dramatically with the shock elimination of front runner Liam Gray, being the first time he had surfed the spot he found the bottom isn’t so friendly, coping a nasty gash on the shin and an early exit from round 3. With Liam out, Kane Brewer and Anthony Thurlow could almost taste the win knowing they were the only two left in contention for the overall top spot. They both made it through to the final, but they didn’t anticipate what last year’s A division winner Jaden Carmody had in mind for his last attempt at glory for 2013. Jaden was boosted to the AA ranks at the beginning of Winter Series and took a little bit to adjust, it would seem that he has a wealth of surf knowledge at The Reef and used that to take out the final with some grinding tubes and roll combinations. 2nd and 3rd positions between Kane and Anthony would now dictate what the end of year results would be for the AA’s. In a nail biting post presentation it was announced that they in fact finished with tied results, which meant a count back to their 3rd final placing would have to come into play. Anthony ended up taking 1st with Kane very close in 2nd, new member Liam Gray finished the series in 3rd. Was great to see the battle in the AA’s this year, I can see heaps of talent in these guys and look forward to seeing these fellas compete in other contests around the state! Big congrats to Jaden also, who finished the round 3 final with a total of 15 points from a possible 20.

AAA division was another straight final affair. Luckily it was between the top 3 place contenders for the series. John, Dog and Dallas saw the conditions were still favourable for an exciting final heat and put a $100 on the eventual winner to make things interesting. All the boys got their share of fun little right hand grinders and kept everything above board keeping a self-enforced priority system in play. Even though his girlfriend drove off 10 minutes before the heat with all his gear, Dallas, relying on a board and wetsuit burrowed from the other competitors he eventually took out the last AAA final of the year with reef skills that could only be acquired from year’s of practice at the famed patch. Close as ‘there wasn’t much in it’ between the three. First for the season going to Dallas, Matt Macan in second and John Cruickshank in third.

Big thanks to everyone who made this year for PSBC a success, particularly our sponsors District 5 Bodyboard store, Agent eighteen wetsuits & Science Bodyboards. All the members this year have been legends, it really makes it such a better club to run when all the boys are loving it and want to make it happen. Thanks guys!



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