Time to let the BIG DOG eat!

Time to let the BIG DOG eat!

FUNKSHEN, ATTICA & LIMITED EDITION have got onboard with District 5 to hook Matty McCann up with enough gear so that he can now focus all his energies on shredding his way through any slab or bowl he can find.

“Picked up my brand new Funkshen Bodyboards, ATTICA WETSUITS and Limited Edition fins at District Five-Warners Bay today. Best gear I’ve ever ridden with! Here’s a draining backwash bowl from this afternoon while testing out the new gear. Can’t wait to see how it will go in some good waves”.Matty

keep an eye on what Matty gets up to on www.facebook.com/matt.mccann ,www.facebook.com/districtfive
Photo: Lachlan Bylhouwer Photography

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